Dragon Ball Super: Superhero represents a unique project in the huge production inspired by the universe of Akira Toriyama. Besides being the first film in the franchise to fully adopt 3D animation, a peculiarity that sets it apart from the previous ones is the absence of Goku and Vegeta as protagonists, but for what reason?

The answer to the question was the same toriyama speaking about the film in general and also giving his opinion on the project as a whole, focused on the decision to divert attention from the two Saiyans who have played a central role for several years now. After reflecting on the decision to make Gohan and Piccolo the true protagonists in a previous interview, the Master admitted that he left out Goku and Vegeta be free to tell a story on a smaller scale compared to what we've seen lately.

The threats the two Saiyans face have often forced them to move between different planets and systems. This time, however, Toriyama wanted to keep the narration on Earth, also the repetition of an old enemy known in the past: The Army of the Red Band. "I wanted to bring things back to their roots and set the story in a small area on Earth." as Toriyama commented, before stating that he was deeply concerned at having replaced the protagonists.

"To top it off, Goku and Vegeta aren't on the front lines. When I tried to imagine an interesting story I was constantly worried that it would look flat"Thoughts that have disappeared in the face of the excellent product packaged by the team of animators and directors, leaving space to appreciate the struggles.

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