Asta was teleported to the land of the sun and gave birth to a new one Black Clover Saga. In this final phase, the protagonist is forced to keep improving to be able to face the strongest enemy, Lucius Zogratis. So he must learn to control his ki well with the help of the strongest warriors of this distant land.

However, everything was interrupted by the stop of Black Clover, with the mangaka being on hiatus for a good two weeks. But now the manga is being released, with Chapter 344 scheduled for release on Sunday, November 27th on Manga Plus first spoilers of Black Clover 344 with many pictures shows the events of the complete chapter.

The chapter begins with a flashback to Lucius Zogratis recovering an injured Morris with a limb missing. The wizard is instantly healed and brainwashed by the householder Zogratis. In the meantime, Lucius orders Lily to go to the land of the sun along with two other paladins to halt a changing future. It then returns to the present, with one of them using animal magic to summon a giant five-headed snake.

To counter them, five of the seven Ryuzen prepare to fight, including Ichika. But the last few pages focus on Black Clover's protagonist: Asta trains with the strongest Ryuzenwill he be able to learn something to face Sister Lily and Lucius?


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