The political crisis that started in Spy x Family 1x13 is finally coming to an end. The terrorist conspiracy is foiled by Agent Twilight, who has received valuable input from her fake family. While third episode of the second cour of the anime So it's time to celebrate.

In Spy x Family 1x14, the counterfeiters defended world peace. The fifteenth episode actually begins with Yor kicking the leader of the terrorist group to an end. The case is closed and Twilight can finally return to his wife and daughter.

Reunited with his family, Loid discovers what has happened to them in the meantime and becomes acquainted with the big white dog who stayed by Anya's side during the accident. When Loid is about to hand the animal over to her bosses, Anya cries and claims she doesn't want to break up with her new friend. The girl swears she won't go to school anymore and for the success of Operation Strix, Loid is forced to adopt the dog. there The FΓ€lscher family now consists of four members.

Back at school, Anya tells her classmates about her dog. But he realizes he hasn't given his friend a name yet. After a trip to the park Anya decides that the dog will be named Bond, like his favorite TV hero.

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