Just as the Leaf Village files the case of the attempted murder of Kae, indicted by a group of subversive rebels in the Country of Bamboo, the real killer emerges. In Boruto 270 we discover the dark story of the teacher Hana who hides a second personality.

In Boruto Episode 271, Hana Sensei takes her students from the village and takes them to a remote island to complete a field trial day. Without anyone bothering her, she says Eliminate the Princess of Bamboo Land once and for all.

After eliminating major hazards that could have jeopardized her mission, Hana lures Kae into the forest. But before the two women can break away from the rest of the group, theKawaki and Himawari's intuition leads them to discover the truthto.

The two Uzumaki understand that it was their teacher who boycotted the day, and when they turn to her for answers, Hana can only reveal her true identity. However, Kawaki does not intervene in time Kae has already fallen to the assassin's lusts. Before anyone can intervene, Hana Sensei hits Kae with a kunai. Was the young princess killed?

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