There is one character who can turn the tide of war. Kurogiri is a key character, with his teleportation power primarily used by the heroes of My hero academy, who could use it to separate the bad guys. With Spinner's arrival at the hospital, however, things will change completely.

Below are the pictures and then those My Hero Academia 374 spoilers. A thirteen-page chapter entitled "Butterfly Effect," or butterfly effect. Present Mic and Kurogiri's looks reveal everything about what's about to happen. Meanwhile, a meteorological program announces that special fog formations are forming over Japan due to a strong heat source.

This heat is Dabi, who takes his strength to the extreme in Kamino. However, Dabi wants to fight with Endeavor and he knows he can't do it if he has to take care of Shoto first, so he decides to go to Gunga when he is contacted by Skeptic and says he doesn't need to worry about the trip. At the flying fortress, Deku is in the air, surveying Shigaraki's deformed body as a black portal opens behind Aizawa and the others. All for One begins a speech saying he knew Spinner would make it.

Dabi is teleported to where Endeavor is, and two clones of Twice also arrive with him, one of whom appears to be holding part of Tsuyu's glasses. Hawks screams that he must be killed immediately, ending this chapter. My Hero Academia will be on hiatus for the following week.

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