Wano was the protagonist of the island of a very long saga, the longest of ONE PIECE. So end the war against Kaido, Luffy and Co. are on their way to a new island completely unknown. After the log pose, they reached Egghead, which has never been mentioned before and holds several secrets.

It goes without saying that the protagonist in this saga is Vegapunk, the famous brilliant scientist who completely distorted the inventions of the Navy and improved both them and the tools available to the world government. Vegapunk's revelations keep this ONE PIECE saga going. but How long does Egghead last??

The current saga won't be as long as the previous ones considering there are no major threats on the horizon. The only doubt concerns the behavior of the CP0: the group led by Rob Lucci has arrived on the island and at the moment they are the only ones who can fight. At the same time, the challenge between Blackbeard and Trafalgar Law takes place, but it is very likely that Eiichiro Oda will decide to solve it off-screen.

Considering the saga has reached its tenth chapter at the moment, that's it in summary Egghead will likely have twenty chapters in total and no more. So we would be in the middle and there would be room for other revelations as well as a possible short fight.

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