Tsundere are a type of character that has appeared in almost every story these days. Inability to express themselves seriously, especially in front of the person they love, is a fundamental trait of even a character Black clover. Noelle Silva is a black bull sorceress and the typical tsundere with pigtails.

White hair, charming face but with a stern look, Noelle has always been a difficult girl and that on several occasions he got poor Asta, who just wanted to be his friend, into trouble. However, the Black Bull sorceress did it due to her difficulty as she had immense magical power but was very difficult to control. Because of this, the development of his skills has evolved hand-in-hand with his character, becoming a character capable of reflecting on his feelings towards Asta.

There were a few moments in the anime where Asta and Noelle were close, but that's not the case in this photo prepared by Hikego Taimu. In this Noelle cosplaythe sorceress is alone but smiles: wearing one of her most elegant dresses, which she flaunted in Black Clover, the sorceress of the Black Bull prepares to go on a mission to help her kingdom and her companions.

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