The release of the Tankobons enriches the weekly continuation of My hero academy with some extras and curiosities about the work written by Kohei Horikoshi. For example, in volume 34, which recently arrived in Japan, there is the biography of Star and Stripe, the absolute queen of the number.

As the manga chapters continue with the final war between heroes and villains, the cover of Volume 34 of My Hero Academia returns Star and Stripe. The heroine, who came from America to stop Japanese criminals, has captured the readers of the series with her personal story and with her impressive power, the New Order. Thanks to the new booklet, his fans have the opportunity to discover that Character biography.

The real name of Star and Stripe is Cathleen Bate. Born on July 4th - which falls on US Independence Day - the woman is 42 years old and 1.93 meters tall. Her favorite thing to do is chew gum, just like the typical American clichΓ©. His hair is dyedTherefore blonde is not her natural colour. In the extras of volume 34 of My Hero Academia we also find Shigaraki's new design.

Kohei Horikoshi reportedly brought this character's character design to life, considering three traits it should have been based on. In its original idea Star and Stripe should be a cool character, charming and powerful looking. The author managed to respect these peculiarities.

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