We met many pirates in ONE PIECE, almost all of them with the classic hourglass body that Eiichiro Oda loved so much. They are all very beautiful, but for different characters there seems to be one woman who stands out most of all: Boa Hancock, known as the pirate empress and leader of the Kuja pirates based in Amazon Lily.

Like all female characters from ONE PIECEis difficult to replicate in real life due to the extraordinary body required for the role. Last month we proposed the Hancock cosplay by the Italian Robin Ren, which managed to delight fans of pirate history, but also the most oriental Hancock of the Korean Hansonge. We're adding a new one to these two.

Below is an unpublished one Boa Hancock Cosplay, created by Khainsaw and posted on Instagram just a day ago and where it has received over 3000 likes so far. Red dress, skirt that leaves the legs uncovered, and heels of the same color. Boa Hancock's dress is reproduced in every way. Even the cosplayer's physique seems to compete with that of the comic book counterpart. What do you think about this One piece cosplay?

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Should I cosplay more One Piece? If so, who? Check out these photos of my Boa Hancock from @ ext.photography!

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