Announced a few days ago, the Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark World Structure Deck! it arrived in all kiosks and specialist shops today. The deck that reiterates the popular Dark World archetypesees the return of Grapha, Dragon Lord of Dark World, as his title card.

Grapha itself was launched in Card List of Underdark Gates Structure Deckfirst launched more than ten years ago, in October 2011. So Mondo Oscuro picks up on the archetype of the same name from which the half In recent years, he's left it, modernizing it and revitalizing it with new support cards, hoping to make it incisive again on the competitive scene as well.

For this reason, for example, the new was introduced Reign-Beaux, lord of the dark world: This is a Level 8 Effect Monster with 3,000 Attack Points that can Special Summon itself from the Graveyard by recasting another Level 5 or higher Reign Beaux monster from the field to the hand.

Even the Grapha itself was redesigned from the 2011 variant and has now become one Fusion Monster Card with 3,200 Attack Points and 2,300 Defense Points, which can be summoned via a new Spell Card that allows monsters to be Fusion Summoned only by discarding Tributes from the hand and not the field. However, in order to summon the new Grapha, you must discard the 2011 version of the same card, which thankfully has been reprinted as a regular card in the Dark World Structure Deck.

However, the Structure Deck is on offer for the price of 9.99 euros available from specialist retailers and contains a total of 45 cards, including 37 commons, 3 super rares and 5 ultra rares. Along with the cards, inside the deck box is the classic introduction to the Yu-Gi-Oh! and a deluxe playmat from Konami.

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