Among the most popular female characters de The attack of the giants there is Mikasa Ackerman. The co-star who always supports Eren has often stolen the show from the other girls from Hajime Isayama's opera because of its character and beauty. But of course, it's not the only one who deserves to be in the spotlight.

Today we turn to a different character from the early stages of The Attack of the Giants Sasha blouse. The potato girl, who was called that by the fans after the first day at training camp, is one of the prettiest in the series, but she can be brave and tough if necessary and prove that she can even fight a giant with only a bow and arrow and no three-dimensional Maneuvering device fights. .

This earned her popularity Cosplay created by the Italian Miikhy Deafening. In the last few days he has posted several photos on Instagram relating to one of the Romans of the past few years, where he turns his attention to his Sasha Cosplay. Smiling, Miikhy creates a Sasha wearing the classic Exploratory Legion uniform, which consists of a jacket, cape, shirt and boots with leather laces attached.

In the second post he also gives us a close-up and some videos after the fair. To see it again in the anime version, we'll have to wait for The Attack of the Giants 4 release date.

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Happy weekend from a smiley Sasha in Romics melting on a super warm day ☀ 💦 -. . 📸. Ph. @Mauro_petrolati_mein_bestes ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #sashacosplay #sashabraus #sashabrauscosplay #sashablouse #sashablousecosplay #attackontitan #aot #aotcosplay #shingeki #shingekinokyojincosplay #shingekinokyojin #lattaccodeigiganti #wingsoffreedom #conniexsasha #mikasaackerman #leviackerman #erenjaeger #jeankirstein #annieleonhardt #conniespringer # romics2019

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Potato Girl won the poll, so here's a bit of spam ❤️ See you tomorrow at @sanmarinocomics !! . In the end, I won't be wearing this cosplay because it will be too hot but I can't wait to pick it up again and take lots of beautiful new pictures soon (very soon like ... next week 👀). Check out the hours for the meeting tomorrow! ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ ▪️ #sashabraus #sashabrauscosplay #sashablouse #sashablousecosplay #attackontitan #aot #aotcosplay #shingekinokyojincosplay #shingekinokyojin #lattaccodeigiganti #attackontitancosplay #mikasaackerman #kiexikshanniekann

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