Marvel Comics is preparing to release the 850 issue, dedicated to the historic newspaper The Amazing Spider Manand to celebrate this milestone reached by the friendly neighborhood superhero, famous designer Joe Quesada was involved.

Quesada was hired to perform a different cover for the bandAnd as you can see in the image below on the news, Spidey flies his nets across the Manhattan skies, heading for the future threats that will strike the city of New York.

In fact, we know that in the The next adventure awaits the Webweaver, signed by Nick SpencerWe will see the return of one of his archenemies, the Green Goblin, and while not much information is available, we can think of other Nemes from Peter Parker's past.

Nick Lowe, one of Marvel's key editors, reassured fans of the superhero and teased some details about the action element in Volume 850: β€œIt may be that Most heartbreaking volume from The Amazing Spider-Manand always full of action! There are so many twists and turns, and Spidey has never been cornered like this! "

Recall that Dell'Otto and Crain recently made variant covers for Venom and that Hot Toys dedicated a great figure to Spider-Man in 2099.

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