With the new series The High Republic, Lucasfilm has promised fans to explore the High Republic's rise to power in the universe of war of stars This also includes well-known characters like the mighty master Yoda.

Bring us here 200 years earlier From the events in the movie The Phantom Menace, the authors will present us with a different era than in the past. They will highlight the power of the Jedi Order compared to the evil Sith and reveal details about characters that fans of the franchise are very loyal to.

For the past few hours, they have been shared on the Star Wars official website Pictures of a younger Yodawhich you can find at the bottom of the page. Although the Jedi Master looks very similar to how we know him, the project's authors wanted to comment on his inclusion in history.

"It is especially exciting to introduce him to the era of the High Republic. During this historic period, Yoda travels a lot between the galaxies. Although he has already become a prominent member of the Jedi Council, he does what he does best: one group of young padawans ready to learn the mysterious Jedi way. "

Recall that a recent volume mentioned two moments from the prequel trilogy and we leave you to our special dedicated to the High Republic and the Luminous Project.

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