There are various symbolic techniques in the narrative universe created by Masashi Kishimoto, from the Susanoo of the Uchiha to the Chidori of Kakashi to the Rasengan inherited from the different generations of Uzumaki. Here is the one Rasengan from Naruto, Boy and adult, in the collectible figure from the specialized company Clouds Studio.

The new studio product can be pre-ordered in three different configurationswhich differ in price, size and characteristics of the statue itself. The first two versions, called A and B, cost 575 euros and are 60 centimeters high, while the C version costs 310 euros and is 40 centimeters high. Each of them is there 1/7 scale.

The first of the three pieces by Clouds Studio portrays Naruto as a boy wearing the outfit of the. wearing Struggle with painwhile doing a Rasengan. Behind him is the figure of Kurama, ready to help him. Version B is identical in everything, except in the central character. This time Naruto has grown up, in the style of the sequel Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations he wears the Cape of the Seventh Hokage and leads an Odama Rasengan.

The last of the three configurations changes its properties completely and is again divided into two variants. What we call C-1, Naruto shows during, in Hermitic art and next to the older toad Fukasaku, he hurls a Rasengan on Mount Myoboku. In variant C-2, do a lawn huriken.

And you, which of these three editions would you most like to buy? We leave you the cosplay of Naruto from 10 and praise and the destructive power of Sakura in the statue of MegaHouse.

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