sound returns in the latest video game incarnation linked to the SEGA mascot and we deepen it in the review of Sonic Frontiers. The open-world video game stimulates the imagination by engaging an artist to express their imagination through fan art.

RadDreamcaster, that's his name, excites Sonic fans by publishing in a tweet present at the bottom of the news the result of an idea: the Poster of a hypothetical Sonic Frontiers OVA from the 90's.

RadDreamcaster's attention to detail that is most astounding is the color palette used in the illustration: those desaturated and slightly grainy colors they offer the eye the effect of a cathode ray tube screen, and that alone is enough to excite the viewer. Furthermore, as if that weren't enough, the design of the characters echoes that of the franchise's historical covers.

But Sonic the Hedgehod is not new to the anime world: in 2003, thanks to TMS Entertainment, Sonic X was released, which lasted for three seasons. In Japan, the series was not exactly a resounding success and therefore a long time ago the blue hedgehog it will not be revived in an anime sauce. Could the success of this and other fan art spur SEGA to fund new ones? Do you want a new Sonic anime adaptation? In the meantime, you may be interested in refreshing your memory with our SEGA special.

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