in the chainsaw man The blood devil is reborn in the body of a pretty girl. She enjoys that contrast and more, and yet is one of the franchise's favorite characters.

And as Chainsaw Man fans mourn, popular Japanese artist Nakakisan brings some joy to Instagram with fan art featured at the bottom of the news, dedicated to the living Meowy's lover.

In his unmistakable pictorial style Nakakisan portrays Power for a Chainsaw Man special of Eyescream Magazine. The artist writes "I never thought I'd be able to officially draw my beloved Power-chan. I am honored to have had this wonderful opportunity". On the cover, the blood devil entertains his fingers with chains in his hair. Wearing the classic white shirt and black tie, and with a vaguely spirited look, he savors some of the blood that covers it.

Power fans can't wait to find out what the girl will do in future Chainsaw Man developments second season hasn't been confirmed yet, but the popularity of the adaptation makes it likely that Denji and company will return to the small screen. What do you think of this depiction? Meanwhile, another cover unites Chainsaw Man and the world of cinema.

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