Although there are numerous times of the year when the most varied of characters take turns, the community from time to time confirms their boundless love only for the first original season of Yu-Gi-Oh !, which immersed fans in the era of the Egyptian gods of Duel -Monsters. Here is the Hypland initiative.

Yugi Muto's adventure debuted in 1996 and literally blew that up Enthusiasm for the dueling monsters, Card game in which scary creatures face each other with traps and spells. This first cartoon series was followed by six more, but none of them could replicate the success of the challenges between the black wizard and the blue-eyed dragon.

With this in mind, the Hypland clothing company a new collection That will take the fans back to the time of the Egyptian gods. The line includes both clothing and carpets depicting the most iconic characters and monsters of the original season. For example, as you can see in the tweet below, one of the carpets features Yugi Muto accompanied by the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon and the Toon Summoned Skull.

What do you think of this disrespectful merchandise? Will the animated franchise ever repeat the success with Yugi? Here are some crazy Yu-Gi-Oh jeans! Equipped with LCD screen and playing cards.

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