Surprisingly, Netflix announced the arrival of the latest movie on the platform Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal - The Movie, a sequel divided into two parts of the remake project, began in 2014 with the Moon Crystal series, a series created to mark the twentieth anniversary of the franchise and as a project that stays true to Naoko Takeuchi's original work.

By releasing the teaser trailer that you can find at the bottom of the news, the US streaming platform confirmed the arrival of the two parts of the film for June 3rdworldwide. An initiative that editor-in-chief Fumio Osano commented: "We have long hoped to bring Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternale The Movie to fans around the world since it released in Japan in January and February 2021. Today We are happy to be able to offer these films to our fans on Netflix. In these difficult times, it is a great pleasure for us that viewers feel courage and hope when they see this story. "

Ema Hirayama, Netflix's Content Acquisition Manager, wanted to express her passion for opera in the following words: "Like many others in the world, I pursued my love of anime until I was a kid watching Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. Some of my photos with Usagis Odango have become family heirlooms. Unsurprisingly, these characters and Stories of love and justice still manage to win the hearts of so many fans around the worldor. It is a dream for all of us at Netflix to have Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon The Movie added to our anime catalog to share this incredible story with fans. "

Recall that Usagi was originally supposed to have pink hair, and we'll leave you with an inexpensive cosplay dedicated to Bunny.

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