In addition to releasing the DVD version of Ken the Warrior The Trilogy, Yamato video informed fans of the upcoming additions to the streaming catalog of Amazon Prime Video, the famous platform owned by multinational Jeff Bezos.

With a post on Facebook, Yamato Video announced that they are already available on Amazon Prime Video some of the publisher's most famous anime: we're talking about the above "Ken the Warrior - The Trilogy", the first season of"Lum the girl from outer space"and the first season of"Yattaman". For those unfamiliar with the work devoted to the character of Tetsuo Hara and BuronsonIt's an OAV series from 2003, set before the events of the main saga and inspired by a novel by the two authors. Instead, in Yattaman we will follow the events of the group of thieves who are known asDrombo trio", in search of the docrostone stone, whose attempts will always fail given the strength of the protagonists, while in Lum we will learn a little more about the relationship between the alien protagonist and Ataru.

Fans of the adventures and battles in the anime of Ken the gueriero You will be pleased with this new work that joins the other feature films on Prime Video like "The legend of Hokuto"is"The legend of Juliet"Finally, we would like to point out to all fans that whiskey, inspired by the protagonist of Ken the Warrior - The Trilogy, is available in Japan

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