Warning! This review on Fruit basket final Chapter eight contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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"I'm disappointed in you"

Fruit basket final Chapter eight begins with the recording of the previous episode. Tohru is ready to convey her feelings, but Kyo anticipates it. Now that he has remembered all of his guilt and what it means, Kyo Tohru cannot allow Tohru to harbor such feelings. In a desperate attempt to make them understandable, he confesses all of his sins. He tells the truth about his mother's accident, how they knew each other before, and about his self-loathing. But none of this makes Tohru back down, so Kyo takes another step back and speaks of disappointment and then runs away. Tohru can't move, stays in place, and an excited Akito comes on the scene.

The weight of life

How difficult it is to talk about an episode that gave us so much emotion, and each one very different. But hey, why not start with the protagonist of this drama, Kyo? Pain, sadness and guilt are feelings that we have already recognized in him. In this chapter his afflicted heart is completely rejected, and he does so through his own feelings. As a cat of the zodiac, Kyo already carried the worst curse, but rejection, ridicule and contempt were not enough, he also had to deal with loneliness and guilt for many years. The loss of his mother and his father's rejection marked Kyo in unimaginable ways, as her death was the trigger for the unbearable strain that would weigh on his heart over the years.

The time and limited freedom he could enjoy brought him a society that could heal his heart a bit, of course I mean Kyoko. The encounter between the two marked Kyo significantly, as it gave him warmth and hope, without intending to, also gave him relief. But in the end it all had a sad result, Kyo saw his wishes betrayed when he couldn't help Kyoko and Tohru, and even worse was knowing that it was Yuki who was helping them. For Kyo that was the worst result, in his limited understanding as a child he always believed that Yuki had everything, he was God's darling, loved by his parents, loved by everyone, so because someone had to take away from him so perfectly who had nothing . Of course he felt betrayed, he couldn't have known that the incident saved Yuki's life.

This unfortunate situation led him to move away from Kyoko. A mixture of jealousy, shame and betrayal prevented him from looking for her again. Luck was not friendlier over time, his reunion with Kyoko was marked by a tragedy when he made him a witness to her death. That drove another nail in his heart, because if he hadn't taken care of her curse, he thinks he could have saved her. Plus Kyoko's last words did nothing to ease her burden. Now his conscience bears two deaths, the guilt of standing on those two lives is not the weight a young man must carry.

So yeah, Kyo thinks he's the worst, he's full of guilt and hates himself. Of course she would avoid Tohru's love, she didn't deserve that at first. Kyo didn't admit his burdens to ask for forgiveness, he did it because he didn't think it fair that Tohru would love to be so disgusting. With so much internalized hatred, it's no surprise how it all ended.

Feelings that don't reach

Next on the menu is Tohru's Heart, but not Kyo's. The moment was terrible, Kyo has just exposed his guilt, he's sunk in self-loathing, the last thing he wanted was for Tohru to admit that she loved him. But that's just Kyo's problem, Tohru's feelings are just as important and relevant in this situation. She struggled with these emotions and faced herself so as not to suppress them anymore. Obviously everything Kyo confessed to him was shocking, but that doesn't mean it would compromise the love that took time and effort to build, accept, and express.

Kyo's sentimental cowardice is overshadowed by Tohru's courage and strength. She who not only patiently listened to Kyo's pain, but also endured his accusations. She didn't shrink because there was no reason for it, she knows where her heart is. Tohru was wrong when choosing the moment to express her feelings, but she wasn't wrong about accepting them and choosing him. Kyo has a very bad perception of himself, but that's because of all the hatred he has. However, Tohru can see all good in him, even his mistakes are accepted and accepted.

There is no doubt that the feelings of both are mutual, but it is difficult for everything to go smoothly. Unlike what Disney has preached to us all our lives, love is not a magical solution. Despite all of Tohru's love, Kyo cannot save his heart automatically. He has to deal with his own feelings before he is ready to fully accept the love they offer him. Kyo must heal to accept the love we all know deserves. Tohru already gave him the impulse, he just has to take it, because regret is another regret that he shouldn't deal with anymore.

Trauma, forgetfulness and guilt

As a final strong point, let's talk about Kyo's dislike of Yuki. This enmity between the two began as something funny, we saw them as the cat and the mouse they were supposed to be. Time has shown that there is much more than a simple rivalry between the two. There is a lot of misunderstanding between them, neither is aware of each other's pain, their child's complaint could never be resolved because no one intervened between them. They grew apart, limited to the information others gave them. Each person's world was bright in the other's eyes. However, they were never able to approach and correct these prejudices.

Kyo grew up thinking that Yuki had everything while just being an outcast that nobody wanted, someone who would be better off dead. His hatred of the mouse only grew when he cut ties with Tohru. Kyo wanted so desperately to save her and knowing that Yuki did it before him was not at all pleasant. As he got older, his distrust and contempt for the cat increased, and that made him angry with the mouse, too. It wasn't logical, but it was easy. Therefore, when he suffered the trauma of seeing Kyoko die, he had to flee again, he could not bear it.

Kyo's defense mechanism has always been to run away and deny his guilt, remove and throw them away, usually to the mouse. So when his thoughts were on the verge, he resorted to the same thing. In order to forget everything about Kyoko and her last words, she buried everything in her head and immersed herself in her hatred of Yuki. Otherwise I couldn't take it, this kind of guilt could lead you to make fatal decisions. But his survival was greater, he put the memory aside and continued his fight against the rat. Playing with Akito was just the excuse he needed. It meant he would have a real reason to hate him. It really is too heavy a burden for a teenager.


Similar to the previous review, I'm going to mention a few things that I'm not going to develop, but it's good to keep in mind:

  • The chapters of the manga that were adjusted in this episode were: 119 and 120.
  • Tohru's confession was one of the things we wanted most to see animated, and admittedly, it was exactly what we expected. Of course, this admission is part of the overall emotional decline that drives us to the end. So it was obvious that we couldn't expect pastels and glitters.
  • Kyo wanted Tohru to reconsider her feelings, she didn't want to reject them, she wanted her to understand that her love would be better if she directed it to someone else.
  • When Kyo realized Tohru wouldn't flinch if she chose, he used the words he knew would back away. Even in the deep pit of guilt, Kyo is the one who knows Tohru best. It's a shame he used that knowledge to evade her.
  • Although Yuki has no reason to get involved in Tohru's argument with Kyo, he can't help but pursue Kyo if he escapes. Simply because he wishes Tohru and Abe the luck that this will only be possible with Kyo by his side. Yuki is a Kyoru shipper, I have evidence and no doubts.
  • At the end of the episode, we saw Akito arrive at the scene, he still has the knife in his hand, but oddly enough, he doesn't have any blood stains. Production error?

Final comment

Fruit basket final Chapter eight was too painful an episode. I think we all have characters that we love and want to protect. For me that character is Kyo. You will understand that knowing about the pain and agony you have lived with all this time hurts your heart. As always, the script of this story is superb, it makes us understand the depth of the human heart. Loneliness, pain, guilt, hatred and misery are not feelings that can be healed with love alone. This chapter will last no more than 24 minutes, but it will hurt for a lifetime.

Before I close on this review, let me tell you that it is getting more and more painful to write. I am not saying this because I either regret or do not appreciate the wonderful support and enthusiasm of your comments. I say it because I love this story and this arc hurt me at the time I read it in the manga and I do it all over again now, it's how to relive that pain. But the good news is that with so much pain there is a beautiful release. After reaching the bottom, all that remains is to climb and continue to climb.

Anyway, these were my impressions of this chapter. Tell me, what did you think of this episode? What's your take on Kyo's "rejection"? Don't you love how wonderful and brave Tohru is? In the next chapter we will have a long awaited evangelization, and if all goes well, we will have a first kiss between our most beloved partner.


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