Warning! This review on Fruit basket 2 Chapter twenty-four contains spoilers. If you haven't seen the episode yet, I recommend watching it and then going back to read the review.

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"Here you are, Machi"

Fruit basket 2 Chapter twenty-four begins with a monologue by Machi that allows us to see its emptiness. With the arrival of the New Year, the council members decide to get together for a small celebration. Although Machi wasn't enthusiastic at first, she eventually left and that led to her experiencing new emotions. To celebrate the New Year, Yuki decides to attend the banquet in Souma State that entices Tohru and Kyo to go to Kazuma's house to celebrate the New Year. The banquet celebration in the main house ends on a high note when Akito injures Yuki. Meanwhile, the celebration in Kazuma's house is calm and warm.

A void that can be filled

This episode opens its curtain by introducing us to a character who was previously shrouded in fog. It is true that Machi already had his time on screen, no matter how little or nothing we knew about the depths of his heart. The story of Machi has not yet been fully expressed, but with what we have finally seen, we can say that we are at the beginning to really know. This is an odd statement indeed, because, as you may recall, one of her biggest complexes is the fact that she doesn't even know herself. From the chat Kakeru had with Yuki a few chapters ago, we could see that Machi's upbringing was strict until it was spartan. This wouldn't be a problem if it weren't for her current situation where she completely abandons herself.

Machi is someone who was raised to meet expectations. She didn't have a chance to discover herself. The things she would do, when and how, were all decided by others, she never had to express her wishes. Therefore, now that it has been put aside, it has become "incapable". Since you never know your desires, you are currently suffering from a deep existential void. He's in an emotional limbo because nobody taught him how to express himself from the start.

In fact, we could also talk about how it maintains the consequences of abandonment suffered as it feels unnecessary and seriously thinks about its place in the world, if there is such a place at all. In the midst of this vortex of bad emotions, Yuki has become an eye-catcher. He's someone who has traits similar to her, that loneliness that consumes her, but he started to change and that made her follow him even more.

In fact, these symptoms of interest can only escalate when he realizes that Yuki is someone who is paying attention to others. Unlike the others, he cares about her and is interested in it. Whatever the intention, Yuki showed him that he was attentive to her and that her existence was recognized by him. This is completely new for Machi. For the first time she feels recognized without having to meet expectations.

Move into the future

But Machi isn't the only one taking steps forward who continues to surprise with her growth is Yuki. They say well that after the storm became calm and struggled so much with her emotions, Yuki finally reached a state of peace of mind. Now it's more common and natural to see him act like a normal teenager. Without a doubt, the influence of the Student Council is great at this point. In addition, he has also become more reckless, now he can face what he doesn't like and express his feelings. He voluntarily decided to attend the banquet and face Akito because he's already tired of blaming the rest. She is bravely able to face the past and turn the page, she will not return to Akito and can finally let go of the resentment I have against Hatori.

Hatori is another character who is evolving. In his case, we can see these advances in more subtle things. For example, she has become sensitive to Mayu, her reaction to a possible reconciliation between Shigure and her tells us everything. But the real breakthrough, which we only know until he tends to Yuki's wound, got rid of Hatori Kana's photo. Although you have not placed a new picture, it is important that you have already detached yourself from this photo. It makes us think that it is now ready for a new painting. Now that Yuki has opened his heart to him and offered his forgiveness, this becomes a new force for him. Because it means making peace with a bitter memory that haunted him until now. Without a doubt, the turn of the year has brought a lot of personal growth for everyone.

Final comment

Fruit basket 2 Chapter twenty-four was a very refreshing episode. The ability to see different facets of a single character leads to something very enjoyable. I will not stop saying that the student council was the best thing that could happen to Yun-Yun. I love seeing him interact with friends like an ordinary teenager. I particularly like the interactions with Kakeru, this guy is undoubtedly an attentive and damn quiet guy. Enjoy how close you can get to Machi to tease her for her newfound interest. Because Kakeru obviously didn't talk about color anymore when they were in the restaurant. Don't forget that Yuki is "red".

Before I finish, I want to confirm my love for Kyoru. It strikes me as something delightful that both of them have spontaneous flirts at all times. Seeing Tohru show him her new scarf and hit him with it gave me about 10 more years of life. I am also intrigued by the trust that Kyo has just for her, he is not afraid to tell her about his jealousy as a kid and that is something only allowed with her. Well, in addition to the wonderful kyoru, I was delighted to see Rin on the screen again, and when I saw the last hug Haru gave him steal a sigh, it was beautiful.

Anyway, that was my impression of this chapter. Tell me: what do you think of this episode? What is your opinion on Machi after moving on a bit? How many felt the need to step on the screen and hit Akito when he injured Yuki? The next chapter will be the season finale, and I want to tell you that it ends with some great revelations.


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