The new era of the Marvel mutants, Dawn of X, created by Joathan Hickman, is about to begin its first major crossover event that will bring many changes for the future of X-Men . The House of Ideas actually announced the arrival of X-Swords Creation with a spectacular trailer in September.

All of the events in the series that have characterized this rebirth of the X-Men universe so far have served as the basis for it completely upset her life. A key role in the arrival of X-Swords was the final volumes of House of X and the volume released for Free Comic Book Day, which also featured the mysterious opal Luna Saturnyne.

As seen in the trailer, Opal decides to read the future of the X-Men thanks to some special tarot cards, and here we learn how swords will come into play in the next mutant story. You can see them in a precise frame of the video Arakkos swordtail, the lost island, identical to the present home of the X-Men, Krakoa. In the center of the picture stands a female figure wearing a mask that resembles the symbol of the hydra and is reminiscent of that of the four horsemen of the apocalyptic.

Waiting for first volume to be released in SeptemberWe report on the summary of the new series: "Ten swords, ten opponents. The winners will take over the world. X of Swords, the X-Men Crossover of the Year by Jonathan Hickman, starts this September with X-Swords: Creation # 1!"

Recall that X-Swords could be about betrayal and that the event covers have already been revealed.

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