To Tite Kubo, the author behind it bleaching, like mysterious and enigmatic characters, just think that the most popular shinigami are the ones that respond to these traits. Among the characters who played an important role in the story, Kisuke Urahara stands out.

The character of Urahara, the former captain of the Twelfth Division, has always intrigued the community as the Shinigami in question has always managed to turn up with an ace up his sleeve in times of need thanks to his talent as an inventor. The internet is teeming with tributes dedicated to the former Gotei 13 captain, including original illustrations and brilliant cosplay.

The last of these is signed by the Japanese cosplayer in that regard ryomikk_a, a familiar face in the industry thanks to his fiercely faithful personal interpretations. yours too Reinterpretation of Uraharawho, by the way, you can duly admire below in the news, is no exception, since his work was highly appreciated thanks to the extraordinary realism with the character of the same name.

Before we say goodbye, we definitely take this opportunity to remind you that the first Bleach anime will arrive soon on Netflix thanks to a new partnership between the American giant and dynite. And you, but what do you think of this cosplay? Let us know with a comment below.

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