It certainly stands out among the most interesting projects of the coming months Nier Automata, the anime adaptation of the hit video game of the same name that caused quite a stir among fans. However, the studio responsible for the implementation continues to support the fans with creative deeds.

A-1 Pcitures released the latest trailer a few days ago, a symptom of a production that tries to involve fans of the saga as much as possible. Recall that the debut date of Nier Automata is scheduled for January 2023, with the exact date to be announced soon. Expectations are obviously very high given the affection that binds players to the masterpiece Yoko Tarowhich is why the studio must take care of restoring all these sensations present in the game.

At least in the last few hours A-1 Pictures took the opportunity to promote the fans again with a teaser trailer and a new official poster that you can find at the bottom of the news A2, one of the main characters of the anime. This is another promotional image to give viewers a chance to learn about and appreciate the character design of the story's protagonists.

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