The forthcoming release of the third and final part of the Final Season of attack on Titan and Hajime Isayama's recent speech at Anime NYC 2022 put Eren's story back in the spotlight. Responding to a question from the audience, the mangaka expressed how much the production of the anime influenced his work.

The manga has now been completed for several months, and the author has already commented on the controversies that arose after the manga's publication Chapter 139and waiting to find out how the MAPPA studio decided to depict the conclusion of the adventure, and Isayama talked about how the parallel path connected to that The animated transposition had a lot of weight in the creation of the mangto.

"When my work turned into anime, I started thinking that she had grown bigger than me. There The characters began to develop thanks to the acting skills of their voice actors. They turned out very differently than I originally imagined. For that, I treated them as "that Eren", unlike my version, and recognized them as alternate versions of the character', words showing how the result displayed on the screen may have been exercised a some influence on the writing of the chapterswho imagine the most complex or profound characters, as a result of a union of the original vision of the author and that born from the professional contribution of the voice actors.

Let us know what you think of this revelation from Isayama in the comments. Finally, we recall that Isayama also revealed inspirations and curiosities about the work and we let you discover why Wit Studio stopped working on the series.

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