Gege Akutami enjoys the success of Jujutsu Kaisenone of the current phenomena of Weekly Shonen Jump, which, however, should not last long since the sensei plans to complete his manga by 2023, obviously barring any concerns or narrative problems.

Anyway, in the last few chapters, we finally saw Yuji again after a year's absence, arguing with him Fuschiguro about the next plans for find a way to free Gojo. The two seem to have come very close to tracking down a system going through Angel's cursed mind.

However, the latter requires a single price to fulfill the desires of the two protagonists: Sukuna's death. So to meet this requirement, Yuji would have to die since the two bodies are actually connected. However, the question is more complex than expected, since the author explains for the first time that in reality the separation of the two entities is not an impossible feat, albeit extremely difficult to achieve.

If so, our protagonist could still be saved at the end of current events. And you instead, what do you think about this sudden reversal, does Yuji stand a chance? As usual, let us know what you think with a comment below.

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