Public Safety fell victim to a sneak attack in Chainsaw Man 1x08. Makima was murdered by some men armed with guns, and like them by Kobeni and Arai. The same fate seems to soon befall the other members of the Fourth Division, but will it really be so?

The end of Chainsaw Man Episode 8 was celebrated Sacrifice of Himenowho gave her life not to see her beloved Aki die. However, the two mysterious antagonists who appeared out of nowhere managed to escape even the phantom devil and are now preparing to finish the work started.

Katana Man and the girl who signed a pact with the Devil Snake managed to defeat Aki without too many problems, even though he had used the powers of the Devil Fox and the Devil Curse hidden in his sword. With power that seems in no way capable of confronting such strong foes, Death hangs over the Fourth Division.

in the Chainsaw Man 1x09 Somehow, Himeno's sacrifice will not be in vain. With one last heroic gesture before she vanishes for good, victim of the pact she gave everything to with the Phantom Devil, Himeno will give her teammates one last hope.

During the next episode of the anime series Chainsaw Man scheduled to air November 6, 2022, we will also return to Kyoto aboard the train that Makima traveled on. That Diavolo Pistola has started his terrible challengehow will public safety react?

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