Far from Water Seven and Enies Lobby, the Mugiwara continue their journey aboard the flamboyant Thousand Sunny and find themselves in the mysterious Florian Triangle. Here they meet a skeleton with afro hair, Brook, and decide to help him get his shadow back. Thus begins the fifth great saga of ONE PIECE.

Thanks to the powers of the yomi-yomi fruit, Brook turns out to be the last survivor of Rumbar's crew. Determined to help him, the protagonists set off the island of Thriller Bark. The place with its spooky atmosphere turns out to be the largest ship in the world, commanded by Gekko Moria, a 320 million berry pirate Member of the Fleet of the Seven.

With the separation, the Mugiwara understand more about what's really happening on the ship, thanks to the powers of the Shadow Fruit Moria has assembled an army of zombies to face Emperor Kaido, who killed his crew years earlier. After stealing the shadows of some Mugiwara, Moria uses Luffy's to revive the giant Odr, who has been turned into a special zombie thanks to Doctor Hogback.

As Luffy and the others battle the pirates of Moria to reclaim their shadows, Brook is busy fighting the zombie Ryuma, samurai from the land of Wa. The skeleton is helped by Zoro, who takes possession of the Katana Shusui after the victory. Thanks to the help of a gang of Thriller Bark pirates who infuse 100 shadows into Luffy's body, the Mugiwara manage to win against Odr and Moria.

However, on the island there is Bear Bartholomew, another member of the Fleet of Seven. Kuma recognizes Luffy as the son of a dragon and frees him from the sufferings experienced during the fights, which are instead absorbed by Zoro. On their way to the island of the fish people, the Mugiwara, together with Brook, reach the Sabaody Archipelago, where very important characters are introduced: Silver Rayleighright arm of Gol D. Roger, the eleven supernovas which include Luffy and Zoro, and the world nobles.

The crew also finds out that Hacchan, falsely posing as a fishman, is being beaten by world noble Charloss. Enraged, Luffy knocks the nobleman out with one punch, luring Admiral Kizaru to the archipelago. there Saga of the arrival at the Red Line, told from chapters 442 to 513ends with Bartholomew who, thanks to the Fruit Pad Pad, saves the Mugiwara from the arrival of the Navy and sends them all to distant places.

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