While fans look forward to the arrival of the animated season five My hero academia, the main antagonist of the fourth series, is the protagonist of a creepy cosplay that is perfect for Halloween.

The fourth season of the anime My Hero Academia took viewers through the threat posed by the villain Overhaul. As the night of October 31 approached, a fan reinterpreted the franchise one of the most powerful antagonists Yuei high school children have ever faced.

Kai Chisaki, better known as Overhaul, is the leader of the Shie Hassaikai, a group of yakuza. His peculiarity enables him to disturb and reassemble every object that he touches at will, even organic forms of life. To use little Eri's powers, Overhaul tried to create a series of bullets that were capable of doing this Break off the quirks permanently from people. His ultimate goal was to overthrow the society of heroes and change the world in his favor. Unfortunately, the intervention of Deku, Mirio and a group of Pro Heroes accompanied by the boys from the UA Academy put an end to his diabolical plan.

Despite the defeat, Overhaul is back in action for scare halloween night. Reddit user WhatTheFunk shared his personal take on the antagonist in a series of disturbing footage. The cosplay perfectly reproduces Overhaul's features, from his beak-shaped mask to purple fur and white gloves. And what do you think about this cosplay? Another spooky cosplay from My Hero Academia prepared fans for Witches Night. Mangakas from My Hero Academia and Black Clover have switched roles.

With the coronavirus this year, I felt like Overhaul would be a great choice for my Halloween costume! by r / BokuNoHeroAcademia

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