The last episode of Pokémon exploration showed us how Ash Ketchum's overconfidence rewarded Pallet Town's trainer with a resounding defeat to Pokémon expert Fabia. It was a heavy blow to the protagonist who is now used to collecting victories in the new region.

Although Ash actually managed to earn the title of Alola League champion, Fabia turned out to be incredibly skilled. Just before the fight begins, Ash tries to provoke his opponent by saying the following words: "Remember, I won against Ornella and she's also a sports director and has a battle-type Pokémon team!" Fabia remains indifferent to this statement and answers in a cold and disrespectful tone: "I defeated her once's too weak. "

Ash is impressed with the harsh words Fabia uses towards another trainer. Though they were opponents in the past, The protagonist and Ornella are good friends, and that dismissive comment could be another reason to want a rematch and show how you handle your opponents. We really know how important Ash is to respect when fightingas well as building good relationships with other coaches.

Keep in mind that we'll see a welcome return in the next few episodes, and that Ash's Pikachu may evolve into Raichu.

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