Despite the worldwide popularity of Dragon ballAt the time of Jump serializing, it wasn't easy to convince the female audience to appreciate the story presented by Akira Toriyama. It is precisely for this reason that the sensei and its editor have worked carefully to make the manga more attractive.

Among the many ideas that characterize the franchise, just think of Vegetto's origins, which are based on a kind of jealousy Gogeta In the animated counterpart there are some that have been suggested several times by the editors or the managers of Shueisha who took care of the correct serialization of the manga. After this Kazuhiko TorishimaHis successor was the first editor of Toriyama, who even described the series as "useless" Yu Kondowho started working with Sensei in the days of the DBZ.

The new publisher pushed Toriyama to take a much more action-oriented path without forgetting the female audience. In order to better satisfy their tastes, Kondo convinced Kondo to turn the manga's attention to relational and family themes as well, starting with the character of Vegeta what we know will go build a family with Bulma.

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