in the Attack on Titan - The Final Season We've seen the change in relationships between different characters. First of all, that between Zeke and Eren, who had gone in really negative ways in the third season, while in the fourth we see them reconciled and united towards a single goal: the annihilation of the Eldians with the Founding Giant.

Eren, for his part, will then betray Zeke in order to carry out his true plan, which is to exterminate all humanity outside of the inhabitants of Paradis. The protagonist of Attack on Titan also has to manage the relationship with Mikasa in the last season. In fact, one of the questions fans are asking the most is: Why does Eren hate Mikasa?

The moment Eren returns to meet Armin e Mikasa After the Jaegerist attack on Paradis Island, Eren openly tells Mikasa that he hates her and always has, with a frightening chill. The only reason he would have kept her close is because of her affiliation with the Ackerman clan and therefore Mikasa's willingness to protect her loved one at all costs.

While for those watching the anime the reason for Eren's hatred of Mikasa must seem genuinely strange and verging on the serious plot hole, those who have completed the Attack on Titan manga know what the truth is: Eren is indeed revealing Armin in the finale of Attack on Titan for pushing her adoptive sister away from him by revealing hers fake hate.

Aware of the massacre he would wreak with the power of the primordial giant, Eren decided to distance Mikasa from himself first of all so as not to implicate her in his plan, but also to be able to kill him and stop his anger . In the last chapter chat with Armin, Eren also reveals that he loves Mikasawhich, however, overshadowed his fate founding giant.

Eren and Mikasa Stay away from Attack on Titan's most controversial characters, who saw truly unexpected and disturbing developments and thoughts in the protagonists. However, the writing of the Attack on Titan characters is done Hajime Isayama can be described as really excellent.

We leave you the experience of Attack on Titan from the author of Eren Jaeger.

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