Following the wave of anime series that hit Netflix in September, one of the October releases is featured in a trailer. Here is the promotional video of Romantic killerfrom the popular manga series of the same name by Wataru Momose.

Wataru Momose's Romantic Killer is about to have an upcoming anime adaptation on Netflix from October 27, 2022. A little over a month after the debut, a second promotional video was released on the streaming platform's YouTube channel.

In the two minutes of the new Romantic Killer trailer, we get to know the two protagonists of the series. Anzu Hoshino is a high school student who defines herself as a non-hero who ignores fashion and romance and spends her days playing video games. When she suddenly meets the sorceress Riri, she is forced to take part in the magical world. Anzu walks past his Life made of video games, chocolate and cats into a world where she's surrounded by beautiful boys.

The clip also revealed the final theme, "Romantic love ~ Renai Shimasen ka?" by Mikako Komatsu and other vocal cast details. The anime is in charge of producing the Domerica study, who previously produced The World Ends with You: The Animation. And you will follow the anime at the exit?

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