The confusion resulting from the appearance of the Savior of the World in the Clover Kingdom and his disappearance throws the Order of the Knights of Mages into trouble. How the Black Bull thinks about how to act, in chapter 338 of Black clover Yuki Tabata takes the reader to the Land of the Sun, Yami Sukehiro's birthplace.

Lucius Zogratis, now in control of the body of Julius Novachrono, the Magical Emperor, intends to destroy all of humanity in order to recreate them through his powers. Although he disappeared at the antagonist's behest, Asta woke up in the land of the sun, right in the house of Ryuya, Yami's childhood friend. Thanks to direct intervention, Asta has recovered from the deep wound inflicted on him by Sister Lily, who was turned into the first Paladin by Lucius.

While his companions are away hoping to find him alive, Asta has the opportunity to train at this location, and perhaps thanks to the direct help of Captain Yami's little sister. As you can see in the post at the very bottom, in Chapter 338, Asta meets Ichika, a member of the Seven Ryuzen who seems to have the same temperament as his brother. Ichika has also inherited the same type of magic as Yami, which allows her to easily fend off a group of bandits.

Surely Ichika will play a fundamental role in the special training that Asta will undergo. Finally, we leave you with a fantastic auction figure from Vlad Collectibles.

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