While in the manga of ONE PIECE A new era of piracy is heralded, due to the choices made during the Reverie and the fall of Kaido and Big Mom, the artists at BT Studio have taken a look at the past of the series and paid homage to one of the most powerful men in the of Eiichiro Oda created universe: Emperor Whitebeard.

Edward Newgate was one of the most important figures of the New World past. Whitebeard was able to hold his own against Gol D. Roger, the one who would become the Pirate King, and led a massive crew considered a father to all who belonged to it.

there Declaration of war on the world government To save Ace, he commanded the start of the War for Supremacy, and his death at the hands of Marshall D. Teach will still be remembered as one of ONE PIECE's saddest moments. In memory of the artists of BT studio They therefore created the magnificent collectible statue that you can see below.

The figure appears very detailed, both in the rendering of the character and in the moles Details of his naginata, called Murakumogiri. The product will be launched in Q2 2023 in two versions with or without fire effect on the mantle and is already available for pre-order priced at 250 euro.

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