Tomura Shigaraki is no longer himself. He proved this in the first violent clashes of the war between heroes and villains that initiated the final act of My Hero Academy. The transformation of the boy destined to be All For One's heir seems almost complete, but what about the heroes trying to stop him?

If the last appointment with Horikoshi's manga ended in a deep inner struggle of Shigaraki, hit hard by Mirko, chapter 366 begins with a great revelation: his body was waiting to reach its optimal form in order to manifest. At the opening table, faces appear on the boy's shoulder as if about to form a giant hand in search of destruction.

However, the heroes' constant attacks, combined with the inability to heal thanks to Erasure and the mental instability the boy is in, increased the power of his new form. The incredible ability of Shigaraki's body to adapt to any situation made him try it monstrous form that appeared in the first tables of the chapter, and which you can see at the bottom of the page. What do you think of this evolution of the villain? Tell us in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the predictions of Chapter 367 of My Hero Academia, out on MangaPlus on Sunday September 25th.

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