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Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 11: School Festival / Preparations for the Festival / Handout / The day before the school festival / Maid

With the start of the school holidays, grades 1-1 will not be decided among a multitude of options, each declared, ending in a draw. However, after hearing Komi's vows, they all become one. The decision to make a Cafe Maid.

Komi wants to help with the preparations for the festival, but cannot and is led to her “throne”. Until Akane Otori invites her to come with her to buy the necessary supplies. Also to be accompanied by Onemine. In the store, they break up with Otori in a moment, so they look for her. When he finds her, Komi asks him why he invited her and gets a new friend.

Komi, Tadano and Najimi are handing out school festival flyers in the shopping street near the school, where Komi helps distribute where she has already been. We manage to deliver them one way or another.

The night before the festival, all the boys get tired from work and are revived with the arrival of onigiris prepared by the girls, including those from Komi. So the guys have a competition to get what they think was made of her. With a specially shaped onigiri that ends up in Tadano's hands.

On the day of the festival, all the girls (and Najimi) dress up as maids and show their different personalities. By chance of fate, however, Tadano ends up disguised as a maid, a transvestite. In addition to the recognition of Komi's mother Shuuko and younger sister Hitomi.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 11
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An event not to be missed in Komi-san Can't Communicate

Just like any other anime school, Komi-san cannot communicate it also featured an episode dedicated to the school festival. Outside of the mini-arc separation in the episode, the main arc of the festival should encompass the anime's final two chapters. In addition, he also showed other clichés, such as the already typical 'Maid cafe'as a project for the festival.

However, while I love the idea of ​​a komi dressed in MaidThe truth is, I didn't like the fact that all girls had similar wardrobes. To be honest, I am sorry that they could have expressed and demonstrated their unique personality in their own costume. Maid for each. For example a more Gothic /chuunibyou for Nakanaka, as well as the dress from Maid longer for Komi, since Najimi a strange combination between Maid and steward to keep his secret. Although this is of course personal taste and I didn't feel that way Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 11.

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Well, put clothes aside and Maid, and focused on the events in the chapter, the whole event was challenging for Komi. After all, the school festival always shows camaraderie and friendship, which is about communication. A challenge for Komi that could have been much bigger, especially since Tadano's appearance as an actor was almost zero. However, this even showed Komi's development throughout the anime, he was no longer completely dependent on Tadano for "communicating", either expressing himself or understanding a situation.

And with the introduction of Onemine with their personality in the last chapter, Tadano is no longer the only one who can help understand Komi and support her with her communication problem.

The end is near

I was genuinely surprised to find out Komi-san cannot communicate It would only be 12 episodes, not just because the announcement was so late, but because I thought they'd move the plot a little further. And they wouldn't end the anime in the school festival arch. It's not a bad bow at the end as I don't think it makes you feel "uneasy" compared to a calm bow.

Of course, I won't deny that I suspected it was going to end there, mostly because of the characters. Not only did he add more friends to Komi's list, some got very close to Komi over time, which also shows that Tadano has friends of his own. So far none of the protagonists has shown a “best friend”. Najimi is out of the question. Perhaps they can give each other that aura of friendship, but I don't think they are. For example in Komi-san cannot communicate - Chapter 11 shows a little the interaction between Otori and Onemine. Although it looks like a first time meeting, from that moment it seemed to me like they were going to become best friends.

Basically, I think that's exactly what Komi is missing, a best friend with whom she can talk about topics that she couldn't touch with Tadano. Who can not mention Najimi either, not just because of her mysterious gender, but because of her gossipy personality. Not Yamai.

Komi-san Cannot Communicate - Chapter 11
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As I mentioned earlier, that's what I believed Komi-san cannot communicate it would be longer this season. I really expected it to be long so now I can only hope that the second season is confirmed. So far they have done an excellent job in my opinion, and the story still offers material for a lot more. Yes Komi-san cannot communicate ends, I think, the desire to keep seeing the characters will eat me alive if they don't confirm another season on the air of the last episode or shortly thereafter.

By the way, I was the only one who when Agari You will hit him with a "rubber mallet" meme?

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