Marvel Mission Arena presented at Lucca Comics and Games 2022: today the TCG related to Marvel Comics is ready to show itself again in Milan during Milan Games Week & Cartoomics 2022. Next to Marvel Mission Arena, Cicaboom will also present the 3D card game Marvel Boomezwith "chibi" versions of the most popular superheroes.

Marvel Mission Arena will be available to try Free in Pavilion 12 of the event, at the Cicaboom booth, by all fans interested in the trading card game. Not only that: on Friday, November 25, at 12.45 p.m., one is also planned speech by Cicaboom's Marketing Manager, Francesco Ghigliotti, who will explain the new TCG set set in the Marvel Universe to all fans present on the main stage of the show.

In addition, for the most avid collectors will be during Games Week & Cartoomics Deal three exclusive cards through a gift bag will be made available to all ULTRAPOP ticket holders at the entrance to the exhibition. The three exclusive maps are those of the legendary Hulkbuster, Iron Man's anti-Hulk battle suit, Spider-Man's, and Doctor Strange's.

Adjacent to Marvel Mission Arena, then, during Games Week & Cartoomics November 25-27, Cicaboom presents the 3D Marvel Boomez card gameconsisting of a series of Counting three-dimensional collectibles that stylishly depict the main characters of the Marvel world super deformed. Each character is then equipped with a twenty-sided hedron die and a card listing the hero's attack and defense stats.

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