Hiro Mashima is a mangaka that is now known all over the world. Under rave, his most famous work fairy tale and the latest EDENS ZERO was featured repeatedly in Kodansha's Weekly ShoneN Magazine, with whom he has worked for several decades.

His drawing style is known as well as the amount of fan service he devotes to mangas. Fairy Tail was certainly emblematic of those sensual winking eyes, especially with co-star Lucy Heartfilia, reproduced in an equally provocative cosplay. At the moment he is working on EDENS ZERO and has certainly not lost the persistence to present his protagonists in concise or otherwise captivating poses.

But how do you draw manga girls in these poses? The author Hiro Mashima publishes on his Twitter page a Drawing in which he illustrates the guidelines for dealing with the costumes of the protagonists. In the picture below, the mangaka gives some pointers on the measures to be followed in order to make the girls' clothes realistic and well proportioned, especially if the perspective is not frontal, but slightly rotated. Are you going to follow his guidelines to create female characters like him?

For three years now, Hiro Mashima has been working on EDENS ZERO, which recently became an anime.

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