Episode 178 of the anime Boruto: Naruto the next generations saw the residents of the paper remembering the ninja who had died against Madara during the fourth World War. To my great surprise, Ao had gone to Konoha from the Village of Fog during that sad event, but what was its real purpose?

During Naruto Shippuden, Ao shows himself to be a grumpy man, but equally capable Exploits. However, in the new episode of Boruto, his position seems to have changed drastically.

In the new episode of the Naruto sequel, the new Team 7 i is broadcastn Mission in the footsteps of Ao. On board a train, the ninja of the fog, before being found by the young trio, has an open conversation with Kashin Koji, an intern with the Kara organization, who asks him the real reason why he visited Konoha village.

With great honesty, Ao admits that he went to the Leaf to kill Katasuke, a ninja scientist who helped develop the ninja scientific weapons that captured Konoha in Boruto. The retired ninja reveals that his plan worked out kill the doctor if they remembered something from their last meeting. Fortunately, Katasuke seems to have forgotten everything.

This conversation is irreparably tarnished the reputation of Aowho had distinguished himself for his actions during the fight with Madara. What do you think of this incredible change of course? Boruto's script is in reliable hands.

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