In the epic 1000 chapter of ONE PIECE, Luffy ended up facing Kaido and Big Mom. After climbing the tower with the help of various allies and his crew members, he had to bring himself into play and manage to defeat the two monsters of the New World. But it's not just about the battle for the dome.

Even if the battle between Luffy and Kaido was the focus in ONE PIECE 1001, that doesn't mean it's only in the manga, and indeed Eiichiro Oda could decide to radically change the scenario in the next edition.

After three chapters, almost entirely devoted to Monkey D. Luffy, we can review the rest of the crew and their battles. ONE PIECE 1002 will be released on MangaPlus on January 31, 2021 So at 5 p.m. there is a week off. After this stop there are still a few things to do and the only attention the mangaka will pay attention to may not be the battle on the top of the island. It still has to Understand who will face king and queen, but Basil Hawkins does that too.

In addition, the Tobi Roppo are still in action and many other battles must continue. In short, Oda could give us a new general overview so that we can see the emergence of the recent clashes, which are then carried out more or less in parallel. And you What do you expect from ONE PIECE 1002??

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