The beginning of July is Oneshot look back, an unexpected product from Tatsuki Fujimoto, the manga creator of Chainsaw Man, no one expected a closed chapter of the genre so intense and moving that it left the mangaka of Buonanotte Punpun and many others speechless.

Our look back test also confirms how much Tatsuki Fujimoto has created a short but extraordinary work. The story also picks up on some real facts, such as the Kyoto Animation fire that rocked Japan and the world in July 2019. Fujimoto also clearly presented the arsonist under other pretextswhich gives him a paranoid and schizophrenic demeanor. Exactly these sentences have landed under the magnifying glass of the publisher due to some points of criticism.

During those hours, Shonen Jump + announced on his Twitter page that it was changed the look back oneshot to remove “inappropriate expressions” Gift. The changes were made out of “a desire to avoid the presentation of anything that could be linked to promoting discrimination or prejudice”.

Several Japanese readers have welcomed the news, others, however, were of the opposite opinion, argued that the original choice had to be kept. At the moment, it seems that these changes have only been made to the Japanese version and not the English version available on MangaPlus.

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