The anime Spy x Family is official, coming next year, and is animated by two high-quality studios, WIT Studio and Cloverworks. It has been a long back-and-forth for the announcement since it had been leaked for several months, and Tatsuya Endo series fans are increasingly hopeful see Anya in the animated version.

And all of his faces, from the depressed to the most hopeful to the famous smug face, will arrive on Crunchyroll. But Anya is certainly not the only member of the Forger family, the protagonists of Spy x Family. Lloyd's father is a spy, one of the most famous in the world, during the Mother Yor is a mercenary murderer. A really atypical group considering Anya is a telepath.

ONE Your Cosplay from Spy x Family designed by Indonesian Chocokasa prepares fans for the anime's arrival. Between the blood splatters and corpses, these photos see a yor in the form of a murderer, with her hair tied up and the clasp, the black dress and the inevitable needles with which she kills her targets. The mother of the Forger family succeeds in presenting herself well in the cosplay version and is waiting for the anime debut to finally explode in the rest of the world.

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