Dragon Ball Super: 5 pieces of news the series needs to renew

After starting with a bang, Dragon Ball Super slowly starts to trudge. The reasons for this decline are numerous and a breath of fresh air is needed to revive the franchise. Let's find out how Dragon Ball Super can get back to the top.

If Dragon Ball Super is no longer a trend, it is for blame the cartoon, stopped for a long time. In addition, the anime was blocked on The Most Beautiful, or when Goku had just unlocked the Ultra Instinct. Dragon Ball Super: Broly was the most successful film in the franchise and it would be a sensational commercial operation to get it into the anime, as happened in The Battle of the Gods, for example.

After anime and manga were brought hand in hand, Dragon Ball needs a fresh start. This means that Dragon Ball Super must come to a conclusion that will usher in a new era. First, a stylistic retouching is required. Dragon Ball Super has often been criticized for poorly curated designs and awkward animation, and in a historical period like this, this is out of the question.

One of Dragon Ball Super's greatest innovations It is the multiverse and on that factor we should hit the gas pedal. Characters like Jiren or Hit deserve more space, especially when compared to characters who are now almost useless like the original Dragon Ball Z Warriors. In addition, celebrities like Gohan, Goten and Trunks should at least keep up with their parents, who have now become powerful as gods. In fact, Super Goku is now ready for a rematch with Beerus in Dragon Ball.

Let's face it, we got a little bored with the Dragon Ball conspiracy. Basically, in every new story arc, a terrifyingly powerful antagonist arrives, but after a long fight, Goku gains a new power with which to take him out. From this point of view Vegeta deserves more attention. Even after training with the yard council, Vegeta was humiliated by Molo; Will the prince of Saiyans ever be able to save the planet on his own?

One idea to revive Dragon Ball would be the creation of parallel series and spin-offs. A good example is Super Dragon Ball Heroes; Commercial anime based on all of the characters who appeared in the franchise, albeit with features of non-canon work. Why not develop an expanded and more curated version of this work?

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