Working with Adult Swimanimated adaptation of Uzumakiand Hulu, which deals with Tomie's live action, the two terrifying works of Junji Ito You are about to switch from paper to screen.

American voice actor Casey Mongillo is waiting to be shocked by the Japanese author's stories and has posted a photo of his cosplay on Twitter The riddle of the Amigara faultis The similarity is striking.

The young voice actor has his talent in works like Mob Psycho 100, PokΓ©monand give voice to the young man Shinji Hikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The riddle of the Amigara fault is a short story by the horror writer Junji Ito. In the story, a boy named Awaki decides to visit a side of the mountain that shows holes in the shape of a human after an earthquake. These holes are capable of hypnotizing people who are driven by some strange force to penetrate them. Some slide into the holes and come out completely transformed. If you're curious, let's talk more about the mystery of the Amigara bug.

Mongillo posted on Twitter with his official account, the photo from the cosplay of young Awakiand shows the same outfit that the protagonist wore in the creepy story (but with the mask!).

not how Uzumaki is Tomie, to introduce The riddle of the Amigara fault like a television series Given the brevity of the story, it's very difficult.

What do you think of the cosplay of the American voice actor from Evangelion? Do you like the stories of the Japanese horror master? Then you can't miss Junji Ito's Uzumaki trailer.

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