From the first skirmishes with the reanimated brought about by the resurrection technique to the fight with Madara, the Fourth Ninja War Naruto Shippuden it was an uninterrupted succession of feelings. Among the best moments of this final arc, we can't forget the appearance of Kakashi Hatake's Susanoo.

By the time Naruto managed to convince Obito that he was wandering and that the ninja world deserved another chance, it was already too late for him. The Uchiha who dreamed of becoming a Hokage as a child died at the hands of Kaguya Ootsutsuki, the one who plotted even behind Madara's back through Zetsu. However, before he exhaled his last breaths, he took one Farewell gift to longtime friend Kakashi.

As in the past, Obito donates his Eternal hypnotic sharingan in Kakashi. Using the Uchiha's full eye power, the copying ninja was able to shape his very own Susanoo. Here are all forms of Susanoo in Naruto.

Waiting for news on the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime, see Burning Wind specialized studio has created a new collectible figure dedicated to Kakashi's Susanoo. The Team 7 champion is ready to come to the aid of his boys who are involved in the clash with Kaguya during the Susanoo looks after him. Additionally, using Obito's two Sharingan and a portion of the power of the Six Paths, Kakashi has infused the Lightning Slash combined with Kamui into one of his kunai. Below around him we find the faces of the bijuu.

The Kakashi character from Burning Wind stands a whopping 46 centimeters tall and will debut at a in the second quarter of 2023 Price of 490 euros. Would you like to see this prestigious piece in your personal collection?

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