A few months ago the ONE PIECE Manga reached chapter 1000. An extraordinary milestone that only a few Japanese comics can present and that will be supplemented in a few months by the publication of volume 100. And as for the ONE PIECE anime?

In the meantime, the Toei Animation product is also approaching fourfold. The various episodes of ONE PIECE are baked week after week, with episode 983 being released on Crunchyroll and in Japan on Sunday, July 18, 2021, Oda. But when ONE PIECE episode 1000 comes?

The broadcast of the anime in Japan will not be interrupted for the Tokyo Olympics, but will be discontinued for the marathon on October 17, 2021. ONE PIECE 1000 will appear on TV in Japan and Crunchyroll on November 21, 2021. Almost 11 months later, the anime will mark this very important milestone as well.

What episode 1000 of ONE PIECE could focus on? Depending on the pace decided by the production, ONE PIECE Episode 1000 could adapt the thousandth chapter of the manga, a very important chapter for Luffy and therefore perfect as a target. However, given the proximity between the two media, it is not certain that Toei Animation would want to take the risk of continuing the slow pace of adaptation unless it decides to undo an event and ensure that the contents of Chapter 1000 first and then which is shown by chapters between 990 and 999 if possible.

It won’t last see the management of ONE PIECE episodes the next two months.

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