After a long wait, we're finally there: at the end of the next episode of My Hero Academia Season 5which will be an original anime, the villains will take over the scene. The next narrative arc will in fact be entirely devoted to the Union of Villain and the grueling madness of its members. Here in the preview Himiko Toga.

Episode 105 of the anime adaptation starts My Villain Academia, which precedes the Endeavor Agency arc in the manga. Until the return of Tomura Shigaraki and his men, the field will be prepared by a character visual that will allow fans to Preview of Himiko Toga, the crazy villain so loved by the community.

The events of the next saga were briefly presented by Hawks, who infiltrated the Union of Villains and discovered the plan that the antagonists will implement. In four months, the group led by Shigaraki a Insane attack on society of heroes.

To "kill" the wait, Twitter user @ Atsushi101X shared Toga's character visual featured in My Villain Academia a slightly renewed look. As always, the cute, crazy criminal is wearing a school uniform. Armed with small, razor-sharp knives, she goes in search of blood: will Deku and Ochaco be her targets?

Let's admire them in this My Villain Academia Cosplay. Also here are Shigaraki and Dabi in other character visuals from My Hero Academia 5.

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