Season 5 of My Hero Academia started with a filler episode which then led us to the 1-A and 1-B drilling arcs. The joint training lasted a long time and ended a few weeks ago. The heroes didn't have much air to breathe and have already been thrown into the new storyline, where they're back together with the pros.

Right on the field, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki chose to train with Endeavor while the other 1-A guys found other heroes to work by their side to gain familiarity and experience fighting villains and disasters collect. This My Hero Academia story arc has been running for a few episodes but when will it end?

The episode with Uraraka and Asui released today on Crunchyroll took us far from the city, but ended up releasing the classic presentation trailer as well. According to the new information and from the preview of Episode 17 of the anime, the training narrative arc with Endeavor could be ends in My Hero Academia 5x18. So wait two more weeks before moving on to a new story.

Then it is the turn of the last story arc of this seasonwhich the readers of the manga await with the greatest fear and which will therefore last at least 7 episodes.

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