The decision to remain as faithful as possible to Fujimoto's original work in the anime chainsaw man had shown a certain courage with the artists of the MAPPA studio. In fact, there is nothing short of gory and pure splatter scenes in the manga, including one starring Makima that appeared in the latest installment.

Episode 1x09 entitled "From Kyoto' shows the dire consequences of the encounter between the Tokyo Devil Hunters and some members of the Devil Gun Gang, including the unbelievable ones Fight between Denji and the devil katana, characterized by a design very similar to that of the transformed protagonist. While demonstrating bravery and bravery on the battlefield, hunters are faced with a worrying situation that requires that toodirect intervention by Makima.

The woman demonstrates why she runs the Public Safety Hunters Department by acting remotely to save Denji, as you can see in the clip at the bottom of the page. It's not yet clear what Makima is really capable of, but he manages to do it Remote killing using a ritual very similar to voodoo practices, sacrificing inmates to perform target killing. An impressive power that underscores the importance of a character like her being in charge of Denji and his group. And what do you think of this special ability of Makima? Let us know in the comments.

Here is the Chainsaw Man episode 1x10 preview and a quiz to find out which character of the series you are.

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